The History of Dream Angel

Spring form pillow 595 x 450For 21 years Dream Angel has been providing a quality range of Spring Pillows in Australia.

What inspires our company is the knowledge that our pillow will enhance your sleeping comfort.

All Dream Angel Spring Pillows feature a unique Morpheus SpringĀ® pocket support system consisting of high quality stress-relieving spring coils securely positioned in each pillow.

The pocket springs work independently to support your head and neck in varying degrees, responding to the forces exerted in different positions.

Air space around the spring ensures that the heat and perspiration are transferred away from the face, maintaining an ideal temperature and improving sleep quality.

Our pillows will always retain their original shape and height for maximum comfort.

Each spring pillow is covered with a Five Year Guarantee against materials and workmanship.

Designed and manufactured in Italy using high quality materials of Italian Origin.

Improve your health, well-being and quality of sleep so that you really will have sweet dreams.